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To realize and constantly bring protection of humans and machines to perfection.

Since 1968 the name of HEINRICHS stands for mechanical solutions in the field of automotive and aeronautical construction, as well as in the field of general engineering, assembling and mechanical handling. Successful products and technology were due to the ability to adapt to new requirements fast, flexibly and long-headed at the same time.

In 1980, incessant initiatives and new ideas led to the installation of an own production site. At that time, handling devices were produced as well as feeders, converters, lifting and moving devices, lifting tables and turbine grinders. It was also the "birth" of the first HEINRICHS protection window. It's extraordinarily exact and reliable and is applied as a mechanical safety fence at of individual work stations up to complete production installations.

In 1998 followed the EN DIN ISO 9001 certification and the EC type-examination certificate for HEINRICHS protection devices. In the same year we developed the HEINRICHS roller gate for reliable protection of workers and production areas. We completed our extensive protection programme very soon by specific technology for larger installations setting totally new benchmarks in the field of laser cabins and storage devices.

In 1999 the first HEINRICHS laser cabins were delivered to the aeronautical and automotive industry. Meanwhile HEINRICHS is approved according to VDA 6.4, too.

It's by continuous expansion of our sales and service activities that today we're a globally recommended competent partner with authentic quality. To improve the best and to find new solutions: that has made our installations what they are today.

And we are proud of that.


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