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Safety Features

The safety system HEINRICHS consists essentially of the following:

» mechanical catch system
» perfectly adapted actuation
» mass balancing

The principle is simple...

In the event that something enters the aperture area of the HEINRICHS protection device during the closing movement, a safety bar – based on levers - is automatically actuated. Immediately the closing protection window is stopped mechanically, with least closing pressure.

The safety bar is additionally equipped with a finger protection profile to eliminate any physical injury of the operator. Nevertheless, mandatory safety distances between closing edge and danger zone need to be respected at all safety devices (DIN EN ISO 13857).

The mechanical operating mode guarantees the extremely reliable protection of humans and the machine. The actuation system is precisely dimensioned and adapted to the product. The panel of the protection windows and doors as well as the roller blind of the roller gates and the stores are actuated by a rotating field magnet motor (brake) and a timing belt. This motor doesn't cause any problems even if safety components are being activated and the protection device is stopped. In case of a pinch of parts or persons, the window panel or the roller blind can be opened easily by a simple backing movement.

Our careful final control complies with the high quality requirements of the protection systems. Therefore we check maximum closing pressures of all HEINRICHS products by a specific measuring tool. Maximum static set down force of separating protection devices for operators is limited to 150 N (EN DIN 953). Dynamic set down force (kinetic energy) may not exceed 1400 N for safety doors and 400 N for safety windows and roller gates (DIN 12453).

HEINRICHS safety systems are robust, low in maintenance, efficient and cost saving, withstanding all comparison.


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